Angele communicate with spirits. There has never been any doubt of that, however she will do her best not to convey personal messages from a lost one. What Angele does instead is take the time with spirit/soul to show how to connect for yourself. Where are you at in your suffering with the loss, what kind of room are your lost ones living in your heart. That is her main concern- not giving you direct messages from the dead. Please understand. Angele is a very rare medium. The messages she receives to be delivered are directly from source. She surpasses all your guides, Angels and fairies and focus on the source. The source of all in the moment. That being said she will not bring up your past or tell you about the future. Here goal is to help you create a happy medium in the present moment you are in. what you’re thinking and being now in this moment dictates all potential future outcomes. She uses your words very carefully and is playful in delivering the “truth” of the situation. She in know to telling most what they don’t want to hear in a way they want to hear it


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Readings / Healing Sessions

30 minute reading $60

60 minute reading $120

Card package delivered via email or messaging and can be applied to online Live Readings.

1 card $5
3 cards $10
5 cards $15




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