Reiki can help you

Reiki can help you feel more balanced no matter what’s happening in your life. For example:

  • Do you have a medical condition and want to feel better while supporting your health care?
  • Are you healthy but not sleeping well, maybe adding unwanted pounds?
  • Would you like to feel more engaged, more in control of your life and your health?
  • Do you sometimes feel isolated, hopeless to address the challenges of your life?
  • Do you want to develop your inner spiritual connection, on your own terms?

Reiki supports your health care.

Reiki is a spiritual healing practice that helps your system balance itself. Balance is always a good thing, because your body can only self-heal when your nervous system is balanced.

By encouraging your system toward balance, Reiki practice can help you in any situation, even when it isn’t the only help you need.

You can learn Reiki self-practice in a live, interactive online training. Once you’ve completed your Reiki training, you’ll be able to move yourself toward balance with the touch of your hand.

Balance means different things at different times. If you are tired, you’ll feel refreshed. If you are anxious, you’ll feel serene. If you are distressed, you’ll feel comforted.

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