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Angele is a collector of cards will usually use 2-4 in a reading, depending on length of the reading. The Osho Zen tarot. This deck is different from every other tarot deck on the market. It is known to be the untraditional tarot as it has 79 cards verse your standard 78 – the 79th card being the master card. This deck allows you the seeker of understand and see where you are at in the present moment. It is extremely gently with revealing the truth in the current situation, and as Angele unwarps her gifts with the reading this is the most effect tool for Angele’s messages to be delivered.


Angele does facilitate Osho Zen tarot workshops, where she teaches you how to use this beautiful deck for yourself.

Angele’s Collection of Angel cards

Angele is a certified Angel card reader and she will use a couple of Darren Virtues decks. Angele has been to often leave her Arch Angel Micheal deck with her client when she is guided t. many people over the years have received her deck.

Angele has traveled across Canada, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Jamaica, and Australia. Providing readings, healings and everyone she has met or came to her trade show booth have received a free rose quartz crystals. “Getting people stoned” as she likes to call it. If you attend the gem shows or physics healing fairs, it’s most likely you received one.

As a professional speaker, Angele has graced multiple stages across north America. Her talks are spirited and she does her best to connect with each member of the audience, as time permits. Her readings and her ability is quick, to the point and messages are delivered with love, grace and understanding. Recipient of Angele’s reading are not left wondering what she meant or left struggling to fit the pieces into their puzzle. They receive divine loving guidance and understanding.


Angele is available for private workshops, events and parties. Angele’s past and present and present corporate clients. The Bay, Sears, Shoppers Drugmart, Remax, Chapters, Ladies in Power, Forever Langerie, multiple metaphysical stores across Canada.

If your wondering how many people she can read in a day. Lets just say she broke her record of 54.

Angele has tremdous experience with people. She can and will connect with everyone.

What makes Angele different from other readers. Well her background. As you will discover in her upcoming book Angele’s Journey you will see what happened and why she is how she is.

Angele is at times been called the mixed media medium or the rock and roll spyhcic. She uses all forms of mediums of entertainments to explain our conditions, she will often use references to music, to film, television, and yes even the bible.  she will use any means necessary for you to hear, feel, see the message from spirit.

Angeles educational background consists of  diplomas in Advance business management and e commerce,  Travel tourism and hospitality, film and music, Art and is currently stuffing for her Doctorate in Divinity


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